Clutchless gearshifts autoblip system - Performance Parts For Sale Classifieds
Clutchless gearshifts autoblip system - Performance Parts For Sale Classifieds


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Clutchless gearshifts autoblip system

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Category: Performance Parts For Sale
Title: Clutchless gearshifts autoblip system
Ad Number: 25250
Date Posted: 2/21/2011
Contact: Graham baxter
dedham, UK, TX co76hp

Clutchless gearshifts autoblip system


Flatshifter "Blip" stand alone Clutchless downshift system for all sequential transmissions AUTOBLIP system blips the throttle for you when downshifting exactly the right amount at exactly the right moment (every time) no more expert heel & toe required, if you already use an engine ecu with a full throttle clutchless upshift facility that you wish to retain but require the many benefits of clutchless downshifting this system will work alongside your current ecu of whatever make.
Fitted to Judd V10 engine Ascari gt race cars etc. etc. downwards +44 01206 322557 or for full details Electric gearshift systems using Buttons or paddles.
Full throttle clutchless upshift & clutchless downshift systems.
All motorcycles and bike engined cars

Strain gauge gear knob
Auto clutch system.
Twin clutch/brake lever (motorcycles)
Full details of `Blip`
Downshift principle (patented)
The Flatshifter Auto Throttle Blip downshifter employs a patented system which powers and automatically regulates downshifting using engine vacuum.
The operation of the system is based on the principle that engine inlet manifold vacuum is approximately proportional to engine load when a vehicle is coasting with the throttle closed.
The throttle blip control box houses a valve which, when triggered by the main control box, feeds a timed and regulated pulse of engine vacuum to the throttle blipper which in turn blips the throttle by a controlled amount depending on engine load and rpm.
This gives seamless automatic control downshifts at all speeds with only one adjustment which varies the level of blip to suit the driverís preference for either aggressive or passive downshifting.
The system has a built-in maximum blip limit to prevent over-revving when downshifts are made too quickly by inhibiting gear-lever movement until the engine rpm has fallen to a safe level for the next downshift.
Installation is simple as the shifter does not require a gear position indicator or engine and wheel speed sensors. The throttle blipper replaces either the idle control screw or the redundant closing throttle cable on fly-by-wire engines.
This downshifter is uncomplicated, compact, light weight, and because it is powered by engine vacuum it is very fast with the capability of up to four downshifts per second.
The system is incorporated into the Flatshifter Expert and Pro shifter kits or can be supplied for downshift-only as the new Flatshifter Blip the blip kit in action below
Hi Graham,


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